Monday, June 14, 2010

{Summer Fun Give Away}

The rules are simple: To enter, please do any or all of the following and then leave a comment telling us which ones you have done.

Leave a comment here, telling us what your favorite product to use on your projects is~ 3 entries
Become a follower of vintage chic cafe ~ 2 entries
Become a fan of vintage chic cafe on facebook ~ 2 entries
Tweet about this giveaway ~ 1 entry
Facebook about this giveaway ~ 1 entry
Blog about this giveaway ~ 2 entries
Purchase the May Kit ~ 3 entries
Subscribe to Vintage Chic Cafe~ 5 entries
Suggest us to someone else. When leaving a comment for this entry list that persons name so we can track who you suggested to us! if they do you get 1 extra entry for everything they do (possible 8 extra entries)

If your already a follower on the blog or facebook let me know in your comment and you'll get an entry for being a follower already! :)

The prize will be a free kit! It will be the kit of your choice, whether that's may june, our card kit, or want july's it's up to you. Thanks for playing and good luck!

The contest starts today and ends on June 30th, and winner will be announced the July 3rd.

Also with any orders you'll receive a free "CARD" kit with any orders this month! :)


  1. How fun! I love giveaways!

    My favorite products to use are patterned papers, flowers, and punches! FUN!!

    I have been a follower for a bit now.

    I will add this post to my sidebar under "blog candy".

    Thanks for the chance! :D

  2. My favorite, fast products are ink and stickles!! A little bit of either can totally change the look of a LO!!

    I am already a follower!!

    I will add you to my sidebar!!

    Thanks - Barb :)

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  4. oh no! my previous comment deleted! well my favorite product are buttons or brads. well I am already a follower on FB. I posted on my blog, on my FB wall too. oh and my friend Lisa/PDRNC will be commenting too. thanks for the chance!

  5. Thank you very much for this chance!!!!

    -My favourite products are buttons, ribbons and stamps!

    - I'm already a follower!

    have a nice week

  6. My favorite product to use are inks. Love distressed edges.

    I'm a follower.

    Colombean sent me.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. GLITTER! I love using glitter! It's fun and it sparkles!!!

  8. I am a follower!

    I am a Facebook Fan!

  9. already a follower, already a facebook fan and am gonna bloggedy blog next on both facebook and my personal blog ...

    HAVE TO'S: Patterned paper, jewels, white pen
    tfs! Queen Kate :)

  10. I was sent over here by Queen Kate (KateB) and I'm so happy I came! I love your style.

  11. My favorite product (at the moment) is definitely flowers... any kind!

  12. I'm ALL about patterned paper. I can't get enough!

    I Facebooked about this and am now following :)

    Oh and, Kate Blue sent me.

  13. My friend Jenny B. from Indy suggested your blog to me, I <3 it already!

  14. Shazam! Youre kits are SO cute! My favorite product to use on my layouts are...Ric Rak...and Thickers....and punches :) I am also a new follower...
    I tweeted about this and...
    became a facebook fan :)

  15. Beautiful darling :) Okay, I have also told my facebook friends about this, and posted it on my blog. You have the most refreshing, unique kit club Ive seen in a long time. I cannot wait to try a few kits =)

  16. Fabulous blog!!! I am a new follower. a facebook fan...added you to my blog sidebar...I have to say that flowers and ink are my favorite items for everything!!!

  17. I love vintage, just became a follower of this super great blog. Will find you on Facebook too.

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  19. I love using thread because I love to handstitch!

    I'm already a follower =)

  20. I'm a big Sassafrass fan for my pages right now. And I just ordered a bunch of vintage children's images from an etsy store to use on my layouts!

  21. My favorite products is paper! There's so much you can do with it!! thanks for the giveaway!

  22. love patterned paper and fancy brads :D

    queen kat sent me :D

    i now follow you :D

  23. love 3D, embossing and distressed edges! ... Facebooked giveaway/fan; suggested page to my niece, Mary. colorful and creative site - thank you!

  24. What a lovely giveaway! I typically use pattern paper, ribbon and some sort of bling, button, etc...

  25. Great giveaway! My favorite thing to use is stickles and any other kinda bling. :)

  26. My fav product is Thickers!!! I am also following the blog now!

  27. I'm a follower and a facebook fan and blogged about your giveaway. My favorite product is paper.

  28. I posted it on Facebook and am now following your blog ;) Thanks!

  29. I love Stickles above all else :)

    I became a follower.

    I became a fan on Facebook.

    I updated my FB status with this giveaway.

    I blogged about this giveaway -

    I purchased the May kit, because it was too awesome not to.

    I've suggested/invited the following people: Abbie, Adriana, Alidalis, Alyson, Andrea, Ange, Angelina, Angie, Anna, Cathy, Cathy B., Christy, Crystal, Deanna, Dolores, Donna, Elisa, Eva, Heather, Heather O., Jaci, Janet, Jennifer, Jeri, Jill, Juliann, Kathy, Kathy F., Kimberly, Laurie, Leah, Lisa, Lori, Michelle, Nancy, Patty, Rebecka, Shelley, Tina, Tracy, Vera, Vicki and Wendi. :)

    Thank you :)

  30. What an excellent way to get exposure! I would not have known about your blog if it hadn't been for my sister-in-law Shawn L. Thanks Shawn! My favorite products are patterned paper and stickles. I will enjoy following your blog as I became a fan on facebook, told all my FB friends about your site and the giveaway on FB, and suggested this to Sheila B, Denise Y, Cathy B, Edie K, Laura C, and Lori C!

  31. I love vintage and my favorite product to use on a layout or card is vintage lace and antique tickets/stubs.
    I am a follower of Vintage Chic Cafe.
    I am a fan on Facebook.
    I will add you to my blog.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  32. hello, i'm a follower and a facebook fan
    i love to use flowers and buttons

  33. I would love to win of your wonderful kits... they are always so beautiful... okay so here goes my entries
    My fave product is ribbon and trim. I just love it!
    I was already a follower
    I am a fan on FB
    I changed my status to tell about the giveaway

  34. Fun blog! Fun kits! Fun Giveaway :)

    I love to use ribbon,buttons & tickets on my projects!

    Okay heres my count...
    Comment (3)
    Follower (2)
    Facebook Fan (2)
    Share on Facebook (1)
    blog about (2)

    10 entries (and counting, Im sending friends :)!)

  35. I love giveaways! I love to use ribbons and flowers on my pages and projects.
    I am now a follower, a facebook fan and shared your giveaway in my facebook!!/jspanesa

  36. My favorite product to use that I can buy from a manufacturer is flowers and bling. My favorite item(s) to use are vintage jewelry pieces found at garage sales or thrift stores.

    I am a follower of the blog and fan of the FB page already. Thanks!

  37. I love bling!

    I'm already a follower and a fan

    I blogged about it :)