Monday, May 17, 2010

{Give away WINNER!}

CONGRATS TO: Jami Lynn who said...

What an AWESOME giveaway! Vintage & Retro are 2 of my FAVORITE scrappy styles and I mix them together quite frequently so I'm Definitely gonna be checking out your kits! ;]

I love to create for the joy of creating mostly, but also because I want my future generations to know a little bit about me, my family, who we were, what we did, loved, etc. so that they may have a sense of where they came from. I wish I knew more about my ancestors & I want my grand children & great grandchildren to have that opportunity.

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That's all I have time for right now, but will be back after I blog about this later tonight! ; ]


  1. OMG, no way! This is unbelieveable!!! I usually don't win anything like this...FANTASTIC!!! will email you shortly! THANKS for making my DAY!! : ]