Saturday, May 1, 2010

{Give away}

The rules are simple: To enter, please do any or all of the following and then leave a comment telling us which ones you have done.

Leave a comment here, telling us why you love to create ~ 3 entries
Become a follower of vintage chic cafe ~ 2 entries
Become a fan of vintage chic cafe on facebook ~ 2 entries
Tweet about this giveaway ~ 1 entry
Facebook about this giveaway ~ 1 entry
Blog about this giveaway ~ 2 entries
Purchase the May Kit ~ 3 entries
Subscribe to Vintage Chic Cafe~ 5 entries
Suggest us to someone else. When leaving a comment for this entry list that persons name so we can track who you suggested to us! if they do you get 1 extra entry for everything they do (possible 8 extra entries)

The prize will be a free kit! If you purchase May's kit and win this giveaway you'll get Junes kit as your prize! thanks for playing and good luck!

The contest starts May 1st and ends on May 15th, and winner will be announced the may 17th.


  1. I created because I love being able to share my memories in a creative fashion =)

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  3. I love to create because it lets me tell the history of my family, and/or it gives me a chance to RAK someone so that they can record their memories as well.
    I have become a follower.

  4. I create to leave something for my family when I have gone and also because I love the creative outlet.

    I am a follower and I have posted on facebook also. Cannot do the twitter bit as I do not have it.

    PS Love love love your site too by the way

  5. oops forgot to also say that I have placed this on my blog.


  6. I just love to create things... I feel proud! I became a follower... posted on face book and joined there and posted on my blog. 8 entries WOW How fun.....

  7. Create. Eat. Sleep. It's like breathing. I create to relieve stress. I create to preserve memories. I create to share myself.

    I have become a follower, fan on FB, posted about the give-away on FB and suggested to Lourdes Gonzalez and Melissa Hansen
    -Holly Genc

  8. I love to Create because it allows me to be with my boys without having to listen to all the whining ;)!

  9. I love to share my "vision" with those around me, and the compliments aren't bad either =).

    I am also a Fan.

    I am glad Holly Genc suggested me.

    Lourdes Gonzalez

  10. Why I love to create...making something out of nothing! Expressing myself, and giving my kids a record of our familie's story.

    I am a fan....

    Also suggested the page to: Diana Telford, Janet Briones, & Erin Mehler

  11. I love to create because I like recording our family's story and it is relaxing to me.

  12. I love to create because it gives me an opportunity to release my creativity and capture moments that I can share with my family

  13. I think I simply couldn't live without creating!

    I have become a follower and put a link to your blog in my sidebar. I would have loved to subscribe, as the kit is awesome, but I can't use PayPal, as my country is not in their list!!!

    If you ever take credit cards (not via PayPal), you have a new susbcriber here!!!

  14. Great giveaway!!

    I create because I love to be creative, love to preserve the memories for my kids and love to be part of the whole scrapbook world!!!

    I became a follower;

    I'm a fan on Facebook;

    I told about this giveaway on Facebook!

    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  15. I love to create, scrap and have a hootin good time with my girls:)
    I have became a follower, became a fan on facebook, posted it to ALL of my blogs whoop whoop:)
    hey what about momosprany from the ispyblog? she would be a good one??

  16. I love to create becuase it is a great outlet for all of my emotions!

    BTW- This kit is GREAT! I had never heard of you before and now I will definatly have to keep an eye on your kits!

  17. I love to create because it's not something i get to do in my everyday job all the time. It's a creative outlet for me and helps keep me sane! Plus it helps me to hang out with some of the most amazing people i've ever met!!!

  18. I love to create because it's my downtime after my day with 3 kids that are 3 years, 28 months and 26 months and my partner being away from home 50% of the time. I love to see the smiles from the hand-made presents I give and on the faces of the kids when they see their photos of memories immortalized!

    Vintage and Retro it is...I am now a follower!

  19. I love to create because creating ties me to what is left of my sanity. I need to create because it truly keeps me grounded and happy. I love to purge the ideas into my art.

    Now off to be a follower!

  20. Okay, I *think* I am a fan on FB and I know I am a follower now! Thanks!

  21. I create to remember, to be remembered and to enjoy the best hobby out there.

  22. I love to create because it gives me time to relax and express myself and at the same time I am able to document all the wonderful memories of my life :)
    I just posted about this giveaway at my blog

    I'm a fan in Facebook, and I'm a follower!
    I suggested this site to my friend Sookie/Salme
    I'll post about this in my facebook wall.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    -Marix aka Benga

  23. I love to create because it takes me to another world where it's just me, my scissors and papers. :D (well, that's because most of the time, I scrap when my husband and daughters are asleep). Seriously, I love to preserve the stories of my family's life by telling the story through my scrapbook pages.

    I am now a follower and have suggested your site to my sister, CJ.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  24. Became a fan in FB and posted it on my blog.

  25. I love to create because it gives me a sense of accomplishment in preserving memories in a beautiful way.

    I am now a follower

    I am a fan

    I have posted this in my Facebook account

    I have blog this here -

    I have suggested your site to my friends, Emily, Malou, Ruth, Diane :-)

  26. I love to create because it is a part of who I am! It is my absolute favorite thing to do!!!

  27. I liked your page on Facebook!

  28. Tweeted:

  29. I love to create because it is a stress reliever and my me time :)

    I'm a follower now.

    I'm a facebook fan now.

  30. I posted on my blog too:

  31. I post this candy in my sidebar.

  32. Reasons to create:
    I love handmade works, so I think is good to do some and give as gifts.
    It´s the time I can be less stressed, because art and creation makes me forget about all the rest of the things.
    And I create since I was a child, love to do it and I think is part of myself. maybe is the meaning of my name :)

  33. I love to create because it is great stress relief and because giving a hand-made card provides great joy and making scrapbooks leaves a legacy!
    I am a follower!

  34. I love to create because it brings me great pleasure to create something and have it to share with someone else.....I love the fact that my creations bring a smile to someones face :)

  35. I love to create as I love to see the results in a beautiful finished product that will preserve my memories for my children. I am a follower. And here is the link to where I posted this on my blog:
    Thanks for the chance at the awesome candy.

  36. I love to create because it is my relaxing time. I can let everything else go out of my mind and just focus on what is on the page in front of me, and reminesce about the photos and moments that I am scrapping.

  37. I love create my accessorizes and make gift for my family and my friends...
    Thanks for the chance!

  38. I tweeted

  39. What an AWESOME giveaway! Vintage & Retro are 2 of my FAVORITE scrappy styles and I mix them together quite frequently so I'm Definitely gonna be checking out your kits! ;]

    I love to create for the joy of creating mostly, but also because I want my future generations to know a little bit about me, my family, who we were, what we did, loved, etc. so that they may have a sense of where they came from. I wish I knew more about my ancestors & I want my grand children & great grandchildren to have that opportunity.

    I am now a Follower.

    Tweeted about you -

    posted you on my Facebook ~

    That's all I have time for right now, but will be back after I blog about this later tonight! ; ]

  40. I love to create becuase it's a super fun way to spend "me" time!! I just became a follower! Thanks so much!! :)

  41. Hey thanks for the great giveaway.. I just became a follower that is my blog spot..
    I advertised this on my blog..
    I became a fan on facebook!/profile.php?id=1138099108&ref=profile
    I suggest your site to 3 of my friends on their blogs
    I facebooked about the giveaway on my page..
    and finally-lol
    the reason I love to create is to leave scrapbooking pages with pictures for my daughter and her family and generations to come.. To journal who people are-and to show and tell dates or when things happen-like a open journal book with pictures.. i love it
    plus of course its fun!! lol

  42. Ok, I'm back & I just blogged about your giveaway & added your blog to my blog list! Thanks for the chance to win! : ]

  43. hi. just became a follower of your blog & a facebook friend. i love to create because it takes me away from the "real" world. scrapbooking/crafts allow me to forget about all my problems, de-stress & just scrap/craft. nothing else matters when you're scrappin' and/or craftin'!!

  44. I create because it is relaxing. It's also a bond I share with with friends.

    I have become a follower of your blog

    and a fan on Facebook.(love the ideas shared there).

  45. I am now a follower, a "like"er on facebook, the giveaway is on my facebook wall, I have shared with my friend PDRNC(lisa) and I have made an entry in my blog. (my sn is colombean)

    and last but not least... I create because it's for life. Later down the years, someone will cherish knowing who we were. Plus, it is so nice to see what I can come up with.

  46. I create becasue it saves my sanity and leaves a legacy for my children! I also became a follower! Thank you!

  47. as the mom of a kid with "different abilites", I create for the stress-relief of it all AND so that my children have the sense of family, family values and the fact that we did do fun & memorable things (cause they WILL forget)...blogged, suggested, fanned on fb...facebooked about and am a new blog follower! btw, BEAUTIFUL LAYOUTS :)

    KateB aka Queen Kat

  48. Queen Kat sent me over! I am glad she did - your kit is awesome! I really love the colors! I have signed up as a follower- sorry I do not have facebook.

  49. I have to say, I posted 2 of your layouts on my blog and posted that but people keep thinking they are mine...I so apologize! Wish I could take credit since they ARE striking!! I did add credit in caps but we are all in a hurry yaknow...:)

    Queen Kat :)

  50. Now we are best friends on Facebook!

  51. I create because I love to make beautiful things...mostly for other people.

  52. Scrapbooking is so relaxing for me, and my kids love looking at everything I create! I know they will appreciate it even more when I am gone.

    I am a follower, a fan, I twittered, Facebooked and blogged it on both my blogs!

    Love it!

  53. I thought I already posted, but I must have done it on the wrong spot!! Anywho, I love to craft to so that my family will see my scrapbooks and remember all the good times we have had together! I facebooked this
    I am a follower
    I am a fan
    I blogged this on two of my blogs
    I think your stuff is amazing!! ;)

  54. I love to create as it give me an outlet for all of my emotions. I also am working to make creating a means to supplement my family's income. I am now a follow of this blog, on facebook and I posted on facebook about the give away. Thanks, this has been fun!

  55. I like to create to show my creative side and relax!
    Barb :)

  56. I love to create because it is a fun way to preserve my kids' memories!

  57. I love to create because it relaxes me! When I'm creating, I'm in the zone!! :)

    I became a follower.
    I became Facebook fan.
    I blogged about this giveaway.

    Thanks so much for the 9 chances at winning! :D

    I will have to check out your beautiful kits!